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NineTime Watchface for Pebble Smartwatch

- Highly customizable Digital or Analog watchface.
- 4 font type, 3 analog face type.
- Colorize everything (each digit, each hour, each number)
- Font type based on digit, number, hour
- Weather from Openweathermap or Weatherunderground
- Supports Master Key ( pmkey.xyz )
- Positive words from external server
- Create your own script to display word or sentence on watch periodically
- Health data steps and heart rate on supported watches
- You can collect your watch actual state with your custom script (battery, steps, HR)

PBW file download Link:
Dropbox link

Pebble AppStore link:
NINETIME by Andor Czafik

Reddit forum:
Watchface: Ninetime

If you like my watchface, and when you want to receive an update notification by e-mail, please donate me any contribution amount (eg 1 USD), and then I can send an update link to your PayPal email address.
With your support, you really help me keep the application up-to-date.