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Official Pebble support for your Pebble smartwatch ended on June 30, 2018
The app store closed, the voice recognition broke, and mobile app updates and a lot more features are things of the past.
Bring your Pebble back to life
If you still want to use your Pebble and enjoy many of the features that are now missing, you can.
No need to throw it in a drawer, never to be thought of again.
Rebble is an unofficial spinoff of the Pebble platform.
Install the official Pebble application if you have not already: Pebble app
Make an acount (or log in if you already have it) at Rebble site: Rebble auth
(optional) Make subscription for Voice/Weather: Rebble account
Follow the final instruction from here (you might have to do it twice): Rebble boot
That means continued mobile app support, an operating application store, and firmware updates.
Everything you need to keep your Pebble in good working order.
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