NineTime watchface for Pebble
Rebble: Pebble alternate App Store helper

Fitbit - Ionic/Versa/Versa2/Versa3/Sense

Sys-Info App (How it works, app link, source code)
FunColor Clockface
Programmer's Watch Clockface
Source code for Programmer's Watch Clockface
Identity V Clockface
Among Us Clockface
Blokk Clockface
NinePhoto Clockface-family
Color Flash App

Android - Notifications

Call Notification for Fitbit, Garmin and Pebble
Missing Notifications Revealer
Emoji fix for Huawei Band, Honor Band and MI Band
Advanced Notification for Garmin, Fitbit and Other (beta)

Android - Others

Custom Assist Action (Home Button Long Press)
BOINC client for Android, patched for


ZIN time - Intuíció-fejlesztés, szemléletformálás