Info Script Help

You can make your own info script, when you have some code skill.
The watchface can send a request to your script with some data in json format with raw POST, and it will display your script result on your hand in one line, above the DATE.
The data structure, the watch will be sent:
    unique: Your clockface unique id (string),
    modelId: Your watch model ID (int),
    modelName: Your watch model Name (string),
    screenWidth: Yor watch screen width in pixel (int)
    screenHeight: Your watch screen height in pixel(int)
    battery: your watch battery in percent (int),
    data: data value what you entered it in the settings (string)
    // position data, when you enabled it:
    pos: Last known position (GPS) in GeolocationPosition format,
    // test flag:
    test: true when you are testing in the settings, otherwise false (boolean)
The watch expects the following data structure from your script:
    status: must be 'ok', when everything is ok, otherwise the watch will display the Script Error message,
    info: The string you want to display on the watch. Line separator:'\n': First line to the left; second to the middle; third to the right,
    vibe: Whether the watch vibrates when the info text arrives. Integer (code table below),

Here is some example php file:
Generating random word (left aligned), no vibration:
$response=new StdClass();
header("Content-Type: application/json;charset=utf-8");
echo json_encode($response);
Store all the data coming from the watch to local variable to make data manipulation and generating random word (center aligned, enclosed with pipes). Vibrate with 'Special Max' pattern.
$json = file_get_contents('php://input');
$obj = json_decode($json);
$response=new StdClass();
    // basic data from watch:
    // position data from the phone:
    // test data from the phone 
    // here you can put your php script to make data analyze
    // here you can put your php script to make data analyze
else $response->status='error';
header("Content-Type: application/json;charset=utf-8");
echo json_encode($response);
Vibration pattern codes. Use the 'value' code
    {name:"None",             value:0},
    {name:"Bump",             value:1},
    {name:"Nudge",            value:2},
    {name:"Nudge Max",        value:3},
    {name:"Ping",             value:4},
    {name:"Confirmation",     value:5},
    {name:"Confirmation Max", value:6},
    {name:"Special",          value:7},
    {name:"Special Max",      value:8}