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A-O Society
Purpose and Mission of our Society
Sitting Programmers and Graphic designers who are interested in wearable devices,
give motivation to common goals that are close to their interests.
We develop applications for Wearable devices,
and then test them during sporting and daily use.
The A-O Society was created by Andor Czafik, we can work with wearable devices, their use for sport and applications that help their use.
The association is closed, the relationship of the members is based on relationships with friends, life and sharp situations.
You may be a member of the association:
Has the right programming knowledge or graphic knowledge.
A member can become a full member with a unified yes vote of the members.
Members' rights:
You can visit the association's website, use the programs, use it, operate it, edit it, read its topics without any limitations and follow the rules.
You can make comments and suggestions about how the association works.
You can participate in the Members' Meetings, have the right to make suggestions and comments.
You can choose and it chooseable.
Contact Address:
Czafik Andor
A-1100 Wien, Hermann-Mark-Gasse 5.