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System Info, Sensor data and Speed test for all Fitbit smartwatches

- Detailed data for your watch
- Display all available sensor data
- You can test the speed of your watch
- You can compare it with the speed of other Fitbit smartwatches

This program is completely free. Please, if you can, support my work.:
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Speed test details:

CPU test:
- Integer: Adding and multiplying 100 * 1000 times integers
- Float: Adding and multiplying 100 * 1000 times floating numbers
- Bitops: Bit operations AND and NOR 200 * 1000 times
- Regexp: 3000 times regexp test on a small string
MEM test:
- String: Concatenates two 8 long strings 22 times and then cuts 8 long text out of it. All this 1000 times
- Array: Creates two 500-element arrays and then fills it 50 times with one character
- Scientific: Sum, Mean, Max and Min find on a 1000+2000+3000+4000+5000-element Float32 array
- Date: Creates 300*2 Date object with different time
- File-system: Browse a directory 100 times
- Read: Reads a 883 bytes jpg file 100 times
- Write: Writes a 883 bytes jpg file 100 times
- Jpeg decode: Decodes a 883 bytes jpg file 3 times and write it to the flash
- Color: Change the color of 25 pieces of rectangles with random colors 11 times
- Opacity: Change the opacity of 25 pieces of rectangles 11 times
- Resize: Resize and move 25 pieces of rectangles 3 times